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New Flash Cumming Out Dudes!

2007-09-05 20:04:53 by Nopidam

Like, I know that no one knows who i am, but......I got new flash coming out! It's a sequel to of my....awesome flashes that was on the portal front page in the under judgement section!!!11!!!oneone!!!11!!! It got blammed by some gay people though, because we all know being gay is bad......but i made a sequel becuz i guess enough ppl sow it to know how awesome it was and how unfair some idiots are!!!!!

Today at Camp III....

2007-07-31 13:11:08 by Nopidam

So, here is an update on the noobs at camp.
On Monday they were sick, so at archery I used their target and the bow that one of the kids used. Today, I was using the bow again, and the kid told me to give it back, even though it was at my station. I told him no. He called me dude, and said,"I can shoot 30 yardsh and hit thee target withsh all five arrowsh.
"So what?"
"Jusht give me back the bow"
"Give it back"
"Make me"

The other noob chimes in.

"You're now officshially on my lisht of kidsh who annoy me"
"That's pathetic, you actually keep a list?"

The other one speaks for him.

"No, it's mental list"
"Okay, so number 200, Nick."
"No, you're more like number five."
"So you actually list people who annoy you"

The other jumps in.

"No, it's figure of speach, have you ever heard it?"
"Yeah, and most of the people that use it are gay." I don't usually use that word.

The both turn around, because we had started walking. The kid who started the whole argument, started talking.

"You don't wanna mess with him"

Listen, the kid is just as tall as me, and much skinnier. He looks like a twig. He can barely pull back a 20 pound compound bow. If you don't know, bow's have a weight that you have to pull back, not a real exercise weight.

From there, it was alot of bickering that I can't remember.

When we went to the computers, I sat in the seat I usually sit in, except for one class in the middle of last week, and one of the two sat there. I went to sit there and he said,

"All you do is steal stuff."
"What are you talking about, I always sit here."
"No, I sat there 3 classes."
"No, only one."

He sat where he usually sits. He said something stupid, and I said something back.

"Shut up"
"Make me"

I'll update later.

Today at Camp Continued.....

2007-07-23 13:12:22 by Nopidam

I'll keep you updated with what they say and do for the next 2 weeks.
They're still complaining about the computers being slow. There's only one wireless modem with 17 computers. I told them that and so they said, "Sho if alot of people make shellphone callsh, it'sh going to mesh up the shellphonesh?" Then they did that snorty nerd laugh. I told them shellphones have nothing to do with this. I told them again about the one wireless modem. The follower looked at the computer and said,"How ish thish wirelesh? It'sh plugged into the wall. *snort *snort *snort." I told them that it means not plugged into the phone line," Or whatever it's called, I forget what it was I said. "You moronsh. Shnort Shnort Shnort."
Later on Peagle put on terminal, he typed in, "Macs own PCs you noobs." The leader said, "Put your headphonesh on." I said, "why don't yu make us?" he said nothing. They like ebaums, and are playing all these games that originated on NG. I told them this and they said that Eric Baumen would never steal any flashes, and that the games didn't originate on NG. Sorry, I mean, "Eric Baumen would never shteal any flashes, and that the gamesh didn't originate on NG."
Peagle and I made sorta friends with the Runescape kids behind us, and we were making fun of the PS3. we were talking about their only good game, the Fall of Men, or whatever, and Peagle said that it's so realistic, he meant the graphics. The kids thought he meant the plot of the game. There was a big argument.
Anyways, back to the moronsh. They're riding on the George Bush bandwagon, but they cannot explain why they hate him. They picked his character on Interactive Buddy, and made an extremely bad joke about him.
I have to leave soon so I'll write tommorow.

Today at Camp....

2007-07-23 12:43:11 by Nopidam

Today, my freind (Peagle08 on NG) went to our camp. These total noobs were talking about how the Dell such in such with intel chip duo x93 was the best computer allowed to the general public. I told them macs were much better and they said "Just keep thinking that." I told them I him, because the other kid was a follower agreeing with whatever he says, that I know that. We were at Archery, and they were making fun of everyone that was shooting, and when they went up, none of the arrows hit the pad. Currently we're on old Mac G3's and they're making fun of them because they're slow. A. They're really old. B. There's about 20 people online right now. They're really stupid nerds, and they have the nerd lispe were instead of a lispe with s, it's sh. Ex. Thee Dell Shentrino with Intel Chip Duo ish Sho cool. It'sh thee besht Computer know to thee General Public. Also, they said," Look at thish thang, it'sh sho shlow! It'sh sho mental!" the kid pointed to a mac with a screensaver on it.
There are also kids behind us that are talking about rnescape, and "pwning n00bs". They're also talking about runescape. Peagle and I keep telling them that runescape is bad, and they're agreeing with us, and then they start wispering about Runescape and Club Penguin.

Old School Rap

2007-07-18 19:21:39 by Nopidam

Have you noticed that all the old rappers like Young MC now are normal everyday people? They've exepted their fame and have moved on. They're family men, etc. But Flava Flave is a freak show with an even bigger clock around his neck. Is it that nesesary to know the time? Did his clock stop working after the 90's or does he honestly think he's in his 20's? Look at him:

Old School Rap


2007-07-18 13:28:32 by Nopidam

Back with the old design of newgrounds, it would open up so many windows, and it would lag my computer a bit, then I would press F9 (I have a mac) I saw about 30 windows open. Now instead of reloading the page for things, it just happens. The redisign is utterly amazing.

My Baby Sister

2007-07-18 11:13:59 by Nopidam

It may be hard to beleive that I have a 8 month old sister, and I'm still in middle school, but it's true. She probably the cutest thing, and I never say cute. She's finally started to crawl after just rolling around and reaching for things. She can stand up by holding on to things and tries to crawl up on one of the tables. We have a table mate for my dad's laptop, and we have to push it into the couch because she tries to crawl on it, and if she lifts it up, the top will swing down and kill her. Sometimes she would swing around on it like a poll dancer. That's basically it.

Favorite Level Icon?

2007-07-18 10:49:22 by Nopidam

Well, I reached the quota for 4 topics 24 hours, so I decided to post it here.

Mine is either the plunger or level 9. I wish I could chage to either one.

What's your favorite?

Pledge of Allegiance

2007-07-17 20:42:16 by Nopidam

I find it really stupid that people get so hyped up over the line, "One Nation, Under God,". Also with Merry Christmas. They want to take out the phrase, but you don't see us doing taking anything from what they believe. When over 75% of the American population beleives in God and celebrates Christmas, it's only assumed to say Merry Christmas. What's your opinion.