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Entry #9

New Flash Cumming Out Dudes!

2007-09-05 20:04:53 by Nopidam

Like, I know that no one knows who i am, but......I got new flash coming out! It's a sequel to of my....awesome flashes that was on the portal front page in the under judgement section!!!11!!!oneone!!!11!!! It got blammed by some gay people though, because we all know being gay is bad......but i made a sequel becuz i guess enough ppl sow it to know how awesome it was and how unfair some idiots are!!!!!


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2007-09-06 00:11:04

Cumming? Oh..Oh, yes...

Nopidam responds:

My mistake, coming, mi gramer no good


2007-09-06 00:13:44

wheres it cumming?
in my ass or on my face?

Nopidam responds:

my mistake, it coming out


2007-09-06 02:09:01

So, this new flash sounds pretty awesome.

Nopidam responds:

Hell Yeah!