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Pledge of Allegiance

2007-07-17 20:42:16 by Nopidam

I find it really stupid that people get so hyped up over the line, "One Nation, Under God,". Also with Merry Christmas. They want to take out the phrase, but you don't see us doing taking anything from what they believe. When over 75% of the American population beleives in God and celebrates Christmas, it's only assumed to say Merry Christmas. What's your opinion.


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2007-07-22 14:25:24

umm say mery christmas to a cristian lol

Nopidam responds:


|: )


2009-09-20 00:20:55

ya its realy gay ppl get so riled up with the under god thing. If ur athiest (like me) just dont fucking say "under god". and calm down and enjoy america (im not a communist)