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My Baby Sister

2007-07-18 11:13:59 by Nopidam

It may be hard to beleive that I have a 8 month old sister, and I'm still in middle school, but it's true. She probably the cutest thing, and I never say cute. She's finally started to crawl after just rolling around and reaching for things. She can stand up by holding on to things and tries to crawl up on one of the tables. We have a table mate for my dad's laptop, and we have to push it into the couch because she tries to crawl on it, and if she lifts it up, the top will swing down and kill her. Sometimes she would swing around on it like a poll dancer. That's basically it.


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2007-07-19 20:36:04


Nopidam responds:

lol, I wrote this randomly when we got the blogs. But do you mean that in a sarcastic way?