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Today at Camp III....

2007-07-31 13:11:08 by Nopidam

So, here is an update on the noobs at camp.
On Monday they were sick, so at archery I used their target and the bow that one of the kids used. Today, I was using the bow again, and the kid told me to give it back, even though it was at my station. I told him no. He called me dude, and said,"I can shoot 30 yardsh and hit thee target withsh all five arrowsh.
"So what?"
"Jusht give me back the bow"
"Give it back"
"Make me"

The other noob chimes in.

"You're now officshially on my lisht of kidsh who annoy me"
"That's pathetic, you actually keep a list?"

The other one speaks for him.

"No, it's mental list"
"Okay, so number 200, Nick."
"No, you're more like number five."
"So you actually list people who annoy you"

The other jumps in.

"No, it's figure of speach, have you ever heard it?"
"Yeah, and most of the people that use it are gay." I don't usually use that word.

The both turn around, because we had started walking. The kid who started the whole argument, started talking.

"You don't wanna mess with him"

Listen, the kid is just as tall as me, and much skinnier. He looks like a twig. He can barely pull back a 20 pound compound bow. If you don't know, bow's have a weight that you have to pull back, not a real exercise weight.

From there, it was alot of bickering that I can't remember.

When we went to the computers, I sat in the seat I usually sit in, except for one class in the middle of last week, and one of the two sat there. I went to sit there and he said,

"All you do is steal stuff."
"What are you talking about, I always sit here."
"No, I sat there 3 classes."
"No, only one."

He sat where he usually sits. He said something stupid, and I said something back.

"Shut up"
"Make me"

I'll update later.


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