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Today at Camp Continued.....

2007-07-23 13:12:22 by Nopidam

I'll keep you updated with what they say and do for the next 2 weeks.
They're still complaining about the computers being slow. There's only one wireless modem with 17 computers. I told them that and so they said, "Sho if alot of people make shellphone callsh, it'sh going to mesh up the shellphonesh?" Then they did that snorty nerd laugh. I told them shellphones have nothing to do with this. I told them again about the one wireless modem. The follower looked at the computer and said,"How ish thish wirelesh? It'sh plugged into the wall. *snort *snort *snort." I told them that it means not plugged into the phone line," Or whatever it's called, I forget what it was I said. "You moronsh. Shnort Shnort Shnort."
Later on Peagle put on terminal, he typed in, "Macs own PCs you noobs." The leader said, "Put your headphonesh on." I said, "why don't yu make us?" he said nothing. They like ebaums, and are playing all these games that originated on NG. I told them this and they said that Eric Baumen would never steal any flashes, and that the games didn't originate on NG. Sorry, I mean, "Eric Baumen would never shteal any flashes, and that the gamesh didn't originate on NG."
Peagle and I made sorta friends with the Runescape kids behind us, and we were making fun of the PS3. we were talking about their only good game, the Fall of Men, or whatever, and Peagle said that it's so realistic, he meant the graphics. The kids thought he meant the plot of the game. There was a big argument.
Anyways, back to the moronsh. They're riding on the George Bush bandwagon, but they cannot explain why they hate him. They picked his character on Interactive Buddy, and made an extremely bad joke about him.
I have to leave soon so I'll write tommorow.


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2007-07-23 17:49:44

lol Eric Baumen is a faggot

Nopidam responds:

No Kidding, lol


2007-07-24 08:36:54

oh and one looked like beavis from beavis and butthead

Nopidam responds:

I know. he really did.


2007-07-27 12:58:34

lol i was like the way you play gears of war its so realistic as in the gunplay and graphics and the way you feel and he kep saying no its not real because there are aliens i kept explaining what i ment and hes like NO and i am just like omg fine i dont care

Nopidam responds:

Oh yeah, I remember.