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Old School Rap

2007-07-18 19:21:39 by Nopidam

Have you noticed that all the old rappers like Young MC now are normal everyday people? They've exepted their fame and have moved on. They're family men, etc. But Flava Flave is a freak show with an even bigger clock around his neck. Is it that nesesary to know the time? Did his clock stop working after the 90's or does he honestly think he's in his 20's? Look at him:

Old School Rap


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2007-07-18 23:49:32

Woah. You actually write about stuff. Cool. Yeah I disagree about the Flava Flave thing. I mean, that helmet could totally come in handy if a bull wanted to have a horn fight with him, or if he needed to wrestle an antelope for a nice patch of grass. I'm sure it could also act as a hard hat. If a building blew up and debris was flying everywhere, raining down on people, his helmet would protect him from being hit on the head and passing out. Also, have you ever been in public and needed to be somewhere so you asked the time, but nobody knew it? Well all Flava Flave's gotta do is walk by and bam, you can see that thing from five blocks away. So there you have it. Flava Flave helps the community and keeps himself safe. Plus he's totally one step ahead of the fashion industry.

Nopidam responds:

I never thought about it like that. Maybe I should get a helmet and clock. lol


2007-07-19 17:37:47

Its not that out of order or anything, but are you sure the picture is even real? Worth1000 is a photoshop site.

Nopidam responds:

I just got it off of google, but any picture of him is strange so it doesn't really matter.


2007-07-19 20:34:32

thats definetly a photoshop result

Nopidam responds:

I'm not positive, but it very well could be.


2007-07-22 14:18:13

so he is lvl 60

Nopidam responds:



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